Community Purchase Scheme

The Project buys pellets from Ark Wildlife in bulk for its own feeding, and for making up our small handy bags of pellets that we sell in outlets throughout Worcester.  In this way we are able to offer 15kg sacks of pellets to our supporters at greatly reduced price – far cheaper than you could buy in shops or online.  Our aim is that people feed the swans!

Supporters then feed the swans in Worcester and roundabout as and when they can, unlike the volunteer feeders who make a commitment to cover the feeding rota.

Sacks cost £27.50, half sacks £14.00. Payment may be made by cash or credit card on collection, or by bank transfer by arrangement with the scheme organiser.

We keep sacks in stock, but it is best to order in advance of your need in case a lot of orders come in at once.

Phone number for sack orders: 07742295149