No Mouldy Food

It’s less of a problem in Worcester than it used to be, but mouldy bread and rotten food are still given to swans and other birds on occasion. Whilst it may be done with good intentions – to make use of old food by feeding hungry animals – it can kill with kindness.

Aspergillosis in a swan
Aspergillosis in a swan

Mould spores may lead to aspergillosis in the lungs and air sacks of swans, and in the lungs of mammals, causing illness and death.

We should NEVER feed mouldy bread to swans or any other animal, or leave it lying around to go mouldy and be eaten by wildlife. Whilst fungal spores are widespread in the natural world, let’s not add to them in the food we give. Slice your bread and keep it in the freezer! That way it’s fresh for you and the swans!

Mouldy bread on the floor
Mouldy bread fished out of Worcester-Birmingham canal.
Rotting food on the floor
Rotting food left in Gheluvelt Park