In Times of Flood

A river flooding its surrounding area
A view from Copenhagen Street car park steps down to a submerged Severn Way, looking across to Birmingham University boathouse.
A group of swans on a flooded plaza
‘The lake’ that forms on South Quay, looking from the corner of Copenhagen Street car park towards Browns at the Quay. The flooding here means we can feed the swans corn, as the water is shallow and calm enough to do so.
Swans on grass
Swans enjoying respite from the current at the end of Copenhagen Street car park. Flooding gives them a rare chance to graze.
River flooding
Looking across the Severn to flooded Chapter Meadows from the centrally placed steps down to Severn Way in Copenhagen Street car park.
River flooding its surrounding promenade
Looking across the river from Bromwich Parade to the Cathedral. We normally feed corn to the flock at the boatsteps here. The swan food store is raised up on legs, to protect it from flooding.
River flooding
Looking across the river from Worcester Bridge to a flooded South Quay and the spire of St Andrew’s.